Scalabrini Migration Center




SMC Office

Address: 40 Matapat Street, Bgy. Pinyahan 1100
Quezon City, Philippines

Tel: (632) 364 7149
Fax: (632) 423 9226

Library Hours
Monday to Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Theology Conference

Date: June 29-30, 2012

Migration, Religious Experience and Mission with Migrants in Asia

Organized in cooperation with the Loyola School of Theology and the Ateneo de Manila University


  • Mission with Migrants: The Legacy of Bishop Scalabrini, by Anthony Paganoni, Gaetano Parolin, Gioacchino Campese and Fabio Baggio
  • Caring for Migrants in Taiwan, by Peter O'Neill
  • Living Together: Migrants and the Church in Japan, by Hiroyuki Abraham Arakawa
  • The Care of Migrants in Singapore, by Jeremy Khoo
  • Migra????on and religious experience among the Karens at Thai-Myanmar borderland, by Kwanchewan Buadaeng
  • Islamic Theology of Migration, by Muhammad Machasin
  • Ecumenic and Interreligious Dialogue in the Mission with Migrants, by Jonathan Tan
  • The Current Discussion in the Theology of Migration, by Gioacchino Campese
  • The Mission with Migrants, a Trinitarian Dimension, by Linh Hoang
  • The Theology of Migration from a Woman's Perspective, by Gemma Cruz
  • Mission with Migrants, Paradigm of the New Mission, by Gaetano Parolin
  • The Role of the Laity in the Mission with Migrants, by Cheryl Lee
  • Ethics of Migration: In Search of a Framework, by Graziano Battistella
  • The Pastoral Care of Migrants: Lessons from History, by Fabio Baggio
  • A Multicultural Experiment: The Experience of Korea, by Myoung Hyoun Timotheo King
  • The Care of Families Left Behind, by Bishop Precioso Cantillas