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  • Youth Migration from the Philippines: Brain Drain and Brain Waste

    This project, inserted in the thematic window on youth, employment and migration ('YEM') of the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDG-F), sponsored by the government of Spain, intends to examine whether some form of brain drain and brain waste occur for the young migrants from the Philippines considering both the marginal tendency of migrants to be employed as professionals as well as the preponderant involvement of young migrants in domestic work.

  • The Filipino Youth and the Employment-Migration Nexus

    This report provides an overview of the international migration of the Filipino youth (i.e., those in the ages 15-24). The research involved a review of the literature, policies and programs, and data on the employment-migration nexus, supplemented by primary data gathered from interviews with different stakeholders and focus group discussions with youth participants. The research was part of the Joint Programme on Youth, Employment and Migration (YEM) initiative.

  • Country Migration Report: The Philippines 2013

    The project, funded by the IOM Development Fund, aims to contribute to the efforts of the Government of the Philippines to put in place a harmonized set of migration data, to be used for: a) emergency response and crisis management; b) informed policy to protect migrants and harness the development potentials of migration; c) responsive programming and monitoring, and d) timely public information.

  • Overseas Employment and the Families and Children of Migrant Workers

    In cooperation with the Episcopal Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People (ECMI),the Apostleship of the Sea - Manila and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), in 2003 SMC undertook a nationwide study on the impact of migration on Children left behind in the Philippines. The results have been published in the report Hearts Apart.

  • Filipino Migrants' Pre-Departure Experiences

    Upon the initiative of the Philippine Migrants Rights Watch, in 2004 SMC conducted a study on the pre-departure experiences of Filipino migrants. The results have been published in the report Preparing to Work Abroad. Filipino Migrants' Experiences Prior to Deployment.

  • Life Aspirations of Children of OFWs

    In cooperation with ISMU-Milan, in 2005 SMC undertook a study on the work and life aspirations of Children of OFWs in selected communities which have significant migration to Italy. The results have been published into a book, Orgoglio e Pregiudizio. in 2006. A video report (DVD), Chasing Rainbows, was also produced. The English version of the book will be published soon.

  • Protecting Filipino Transnational Domestic Workers: Government Regulations and Their Outcomes

    Protecting Filipino Transnational Domestic Workers: Government Regulations and Their Outcomes In cooperation with the Philippine Institute for Development Studies, SMC completed an assessment of the impact of policies and regulations on transnational domestic workers.

  • MAPID - Migrants' Associations and Philippine Institutions for Development

    SMC, in partnership with Fondazione ISMU in Milan, Italy, the Universidad de Valencia, Spain, and the Commission on Filipino Overseas has conducted a three-year research project on Filipino migrants associations in Italy and Spain, and a corresponding study on government institutions involved in migration and/or development issues in the Philippines.

  • CHAMP-SEA - International Migration and the Health and Well-being of Migrants' Children

    The Scalabrini Migration Center (SMC) has cooperated with the National University of Singapore and the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) in carrying out the Children and Migrant Parents in Southeast Asia (CHAMP-SEA) Project in the Philippines. Other participating countries were Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

  • Unauthorized Migration in Southeast Asia

    Unauthorized Migration in Southeast Asia SMC coordinated a four-country study on the phenomenon of irregular or unauthorized migration in two countries of origin, the Philippines and Indonesia, and two countries of destination, Malaysia and Thailand. The report of this study has been published into a book, Unauthorized Migration in Southeast Asia (SMC, 2003).

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