Recruitment agencies under fire for ‘demeaning’ domestic workers ads

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AMMAN — Domestic workers recruitment agencies’ marketing campaigns have been under fire of dehumanising the workers by using improper language that treats them as “commodities”. 

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Kuwait ministries told to begin purge of foreign staff

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Kuwait’s finance ministry is reportedly instructing other ministries and government entities to prepare lists of foreign employees to be cut in the coming fiscal year under a wider push to limit public sector roles to Kuwaitis.

Arabic language newspaper Al-Anbaa reports that the government has committed to reducing the number of expat employees in a number of job ca Read More


Oman: Longtime expats call for right to citizenship

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Sayyed Hassan, 56, left his native Syria to work as a schoolteacher in Oman when he was just 26 years old. Now, after 30 years of service to the country's education system, he believes he has earned the right to Omani citizenship.

Mr Hassan, whose three grown-up children were all born in Oman, says Muscat now feel likes home.

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UAE introduces good behaviour requirement for foreign workers

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Foreigners applying to work in the UAE will soon be required to obtain a good conduct and behaviour certificate to receive a work visa, state news agency WAM confirmed on Monday.

The new condition comes following the decision to execute cabinet resolution No. (1/8#) for 2017 by the UAE’s Coordination Committee, WAM said.

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​Labour Ministry urged to implement ‘clear standards’ for expulsion of migrant workers

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AMMAN — A legal aid organisation based in Amman has urged the Ministry of Labour to implement “clear standards and mechanisms” for the expulsion of migrant workers after the arrest of 10,408 foreign labourers and the deportation of 6,558 of them over the past year, according to statistics issued by the ministry. 

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Saudi Arabia has 11 million foreign workers from more than 100 countries

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RIYADH: Saudi Arabia is one of the largest labor markets in the world with 11 million foreign workers from more than 100 countries represented in many sectors and fields of work, according to a senior official.
Adnan bin Abdullah Al-Naim, undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, was addressing Saudi recruiting agents and a 32-member delegation from Colombo at t

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100 illegal workers arrested in 2 days — Labour Ministry

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AMMAN — The Labour Ministry arrested 100 illegal guest workers and issued fines against their employers over the last two days, as part of the ministry’s crackdown campaign, the ministry’s spokesperson, Mohammad Khatib, said on Tuesday. 

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Qatar’s migrant fund expected to support Nepali workers

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http://kathmandupost.ekantipur.com — Nov 4, 2017-The latest initiative by the Qatar government for the protection of its foreign labour force is expected to benefit Nepali migrant workers as well. Qatar recently endorsed a bill, which envisages protecting rights of more than two million of its foreign workers.

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