Buying and selling maids online

Posted by jaypee 139 days ago Saudi Arabia
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Migrant labour in Gulf countries has long been a subject of controversy, and the system that regulates it has now spawned a black market for domestic servants who are bought and sold online.

BBC Trending has discovered that dozens of private Facebook groups are being used to circumvent local laws and regulations. Messages like these appeared recently on a Facebook group that matches maids to potential employers:

"Am looking for a maid who is on visit/tourist visa to work as a live in maid."

"Urgently need a maid even for monthly basis 1 month or 2, 3 months till I travel in December"

"Looking for live in maid Indian/Philippino to take care of 2 month old baby"

Although group moderators warn participants against breaking the law, the messages are a window into a black market that's developing online and which has resulted in investigations and prosecutions in Saudi Arabia.